Interview with Christian Cox

Founder of West 11 Properties

During the first part of his career in property, Christian Cox was one of the London’s most successful Estate Agents.

In 2011 he pivoted into property development and during this episode Chris talks about the recipe to his success. How life without fun is no life at all, the importance of Sundays and the profile of his high net worth clients.

West 11 has evolved into a significant player on the Central and West London property stage. Christian explains the attention to detail that he prides himself on in order to cater for his clientele.

Discussing how many properties he views each week, and also what exactly an attended exchange is and how often this rare sales process is transacted.

Chris’s wife Ana is the Founder of – fabulous flip flops, follow @myturtleclips on Insta.

Geoff and Christian also discuss the recent loss of their dear friend James Clarke who has left an incredible legacy. As an MND warrior, James raised over £1m for @myname5doddie
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