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The Wilfords London office team is lively and energetic, at the same time delivering superlative service to our clients.

We succeed as a collective.

We’ve deliberately fostered a different culture at Wilfords from that we experienced in other agencies we’ve worked in. While we make a point of hiring individuals, not robots, and our team is as diverse as it is lively. We’ve taken care to hire people who, while they are driven and hardworking, are also real team players.

We make sure that everyone understands that we’ll succeed only if we pull together, that our clients’ needs come first, and that we’ll have a better working environment and happier clients if we help each other out. We think you’ll feel it when you meet us. No one at Wilfords is too big to put the bins out, we work hard and play hard. We are real people, and we try to make it fun.

We are committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients.

It’s our motto. But what do we mean? To our clients, it’s an encouragement to demand the service and the results that they deserve. And for us, it’s a commitment to continually improve ourselves, to never rest on our laurels, to stay hungry, enterprising, honest, and ambitious.

For us, doing the right thing, consistently, for our clients is everything. Telling the truth, even though it may not be what people want to hear, managing expectations and giving honest feedback. We don’t believe in tedious sales patter about how great we are, instead we take the time to find out what people want and need.

A rewarding experience.

We do mean financially, but also culturally and as part of our family. As a small, but well established, successful and growing business you will become part of close knit team of experienced professionals where commitment is rewarded and every individual is respected.

So, think you could be one of us?

We don’t have a ‘type’ – unless you count assiduous, no nonsense and no drama as a ‘type’. Our people are driven to succeed but are equally down to earth and good to know. It’s our motto to “care more” and in doing so, we treat each property as if it were our own.

Our growing company offers opportunities for hyper- talented, self-motivated people who share our commitment to hard work, transparency, discretion and success.

If you think you have the skills and approach to join our team drop us a line, attaching your CV to

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